DESCON 4.0 Pre Event

Multi-stakeholder panel discussion on IoT, networks, identifiers and privacy of data
By Vladimir Radunović Director, E-diplomacy and Cybersecurity Programmes at DiploFoundation, Jeff Wilbur ISOC – Technical Director, Online Trust Alliance, Prof. Dr. Irini Reljin Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Dr. Funda Ustek-Spilda Virt-EU, Dr Srđan Krčo DunavNET – CEO, Michael Richardson Sandelman Software Works, Dez DesCon

This panel will discuss challenges around the adoption of IoT and the role that government can play in helping to achieve the economic potential of IoT and reduce the risks associated with this new technology. Open Trust Alliance is an Internet Society initiative offering various Policy Frameworks to guide actors on how to enhance online trust. We’ll discuss how to protect parts of Internet infrastructure and if there is a role for DNS in the future IoT world.

Share Square, Koče Popovića 4, Belgrade
Friday, October 12th 2018

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