About Us

ISOC Serbia is a non-profit association of citizens that is open to members who are active in the field of Internet and communication technologies not only in science, education, and art but also in everyday life.

We advocate equal and comprehensive use of the Internet in all segments of society.

We support open development of Internet standards and Internet technologies, use of free and open software, and respect of human rights online as off-line.

We call for online implementation for standards of accessibility, free flow of information and freedom of publishing information that is of public interest. We work towards the development of an Internet that is globally connected, secure and open. The Internet Society of Serbia was founded in Belgrade on November 3, 2006, and

is registered as an association in the Business Registers Agency (registration number 17701665).

In order to implement efficient protection form sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment policy, our oganisation has adopted PSEAH policy. For reporting of any PSEAH incidents, please, use this form and send it to secretariat at isoc.rs with PSEAH in subject line.

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