This Cryptoparty is dedicated to more advanced threat level and security requirements. Main goal of this event would be to share knowledge and tips and tricks for better security practices and useful open source security tools, software and services in hopes of improved daily operation security for users and groups in need.


  1. Hardware & device security
  2. System OS & BIOS – compartmentalization, AV, Tails, Environment, Backup
  3. Network – FW, proxy, VPN, Tor
  4. Web browser & Search engines
  5. Email encryption & Spam/Phishing protection
  6. Messaging
  7. Secure online storage & sync
  8. Passwords and 2FA
  9. Collaboration software and platforms
  10. Android

Please confirm your presence until Saturday, 28th of November – 15h, when we will send link with the open room for the workshop.

You can find registration link on: