The new site is now a fully interactive and always instantly up-to-date site. One can monitor and see levels of air pollution measured by concentration of PM particles at any time, as well as find the current temperature, pressure and humidity of over400 Klimerko devices spread all over the Republic of Serbia and wider.

The interactive map shows the instantaneous response from each device so that the air condition is monitored in real time. Also, you have the possibility to see historical data for each device.

What is interesting is that the new site has air pollution statistics by day, month and year so that you can see the currently most polluted areas as well as the possibility of searching through historical data. Interested citizens will be able to order a ready-made Klimerko device through the website and have data on the state of air pollution measured by presence of harmful PM particles in their environment.

Environmental organizations, as well as socially responsible companies and institutions, will be able to support our long-standing volunteer initiative and cooperate in several ways: by donation, proposals for joint cooperation or membership in the Internet Society of Serbia association, where the annual membership fee directly helps the targeted further expansion of measurement and sustainability Air to Citizens initiative.

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