Some member states, Internet Technical Community, Civil Society members present here in Dubai were surprised to see completely new text that appeared in the last night’s draft in document TD-51. Especially the resolution at the end of the document where its inviting member states ( to change the technical mandate the ITU-T role and give it a new role in Internet Governance matters, work that is already carried out in other organisations that have adopted a Multi-stakeholder model of operation. Read more here: Another attempt for Internet governance takeover.

This really contradicts what the SG, , Hamadoun Touré:, of the ITU said at the WCIT Opening plenary:

“In preparing for this conference, we have seen and heard many
comments about ITU or the United Nations trying to take over the
Internet.  Let me be very clear one more time:  WCIT is not about
taking over the Internet.  And WCIT is not about Internet governance.
WCIT is about making sure that we connect the billion people without
access to mobile telephony, and that we connect the 4.5 billion people
who are still off line.”

ISOC Mexico has posted their opinion here: